Are you a pirate or in the navy?

We’re looking for a junior sidekick for one of our squads. We get involved in very interesting projects….you’ll be at the heart of a team building new businesses for banks, insurance companies and car manufacturers. To begin with at least, you’re going to need to be happy about helping out on VAT returns, R&D tax […]

A Lean Reading List

Sending this on email to enough people now I figured I may as well put it online so it’s more easily updateable. Any other recommendations anyone thinks should be here – let me know.   Core reading / listening… (in this order if possible…) Thinking fast and slow – why we’re called System Two here Bye Bye […]

“Innovation as a service” – how clients could consume innovation like infrastructure…

“Innovation as a service” should allow the enterprise to consume continuous disruptive innovation – the development of new products and services whose revenue, operating or organisational model may run counter to existing services – as an elastic, scalable resource, in the same manner as they currently consume cloud infrastructure, technical or marketing services. Most enterprises […]

“Yeah…. I can recognise model bricks…”

OK… so we can’t fly…. but we’re pretty excited all the same…. Phase 1 of the second Brickor MVP is complete. The AI can now recognise (and learn) to recognise model bricks… Kudos to Visio Ingenii for remarkable tech and speed to market

What to look for in an intrapreneur

The below was my response to a comment left on one of our slideshares from someone asking about what sort of people they should be looking when recruiting intrapreneurs into a corporate innovation process….I thought it might be interesting to re-post (the picture of a typical entrepreneur I added for colour…) Key is to make the clear […]

Junior UX / designer / maker / doer needed

We’re looking for a junior UX / creative / maker / doer to help us launch a new wave of MVPs as part of our ongoing commitment to back our own ideas. This isn’t a lame intern job…. This is the chance to work with an experience team building interesting new products. You will be given a […]

ProTrain featured on Channel 4 Gadget Man – Sept 23rd 2014

Our little idea is growing up….we’re so proud….

Isn’t “digital transformation” an oxymoron?

Doesn’t making the distinction between “transformation” within a businesses which is “digital” and change in any other manner contradict the intended implicit meaning? Digital transformation seems like an oxymoron. It seems to describe jumping from 1 silo (offline) to another (online). The task for any front end function within a business is to create a compelling experience […]

There is no such thing as marketing….pt 1

If we designed the forward facing functions of our businesses today, they would not be the chaotic mess they are now for many. See if the description below strikes a chord…. ——————————————— You’re the CMO. You have an analytics team, a content team, a CRM, loyalty, digital, mobile, social and SEO team. You have agencies […]

Entity matching across social networks – the most important CRM capability you’ve never heard of…

Entity matching across social networks – the foundation of 1 to 1 marketing from System Two ltd Entity matching across social networks is the ability to passively (without the involvement of a user) match social media accounts to an individual on a businesses CRM. May sound a bit dry but its effect could be profound and it […]

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