Everybody talks about

digital transformation*

this is the first thing I’ve seen that
actually shows we’re doing it…

*True business transformation is not a destination, but a way of being. Low opportunity costs of experimentation allow Day 1 businesses to relentlessly bring forward new products and services. This behaviour. This continuous drive to disrupt oneself is digital “transformation”.


Why can’t your business be like Google, Amazon or Facebook?

You have incubators. You have accelerators. You spend millions on innovation and yet so little gets done….

The blocker isn’t the right technology, a fashionable guru or a better process. The blocker is in your minds. It is people’s brain chemistry we need to disrupt….

Most of your colleagues have never internalised the way Google, Amazon or Facebook work and understandably can’t accept this new approach until they’ve seen it working.

We show it to you working.

From the very first hour we land in your business we work as these “webscale” businesses work. This shift into demonstrable, successful action unlocks the blockers in your own, and other people’s minds.



We work with clients to test new business ideas using data and analytics to understand the strongest performing propositions.

We take these into a Feasibility stage, turning experiments into standalone companies. Companies we support with seed fund raising, resourcing, operations and development of the technical solution. This allows us to fully stress test the business and understand full funnel metrics. This typically takes 6 months, with investment of £300k-£500k.

Businesses which exhibit strong growth potential are moved into a Viability stage. We raise a Series A round to fund each company for the next 12 months. Here we look for viral engines of growth, rolling out the business to be cash positive with the aim of handing the business back to clients after this stage.

A Manual For Change…

Books on corporate innovation tend to be long on theory and short on practicalities. Based on 15 years at the coal face of start-up culture and corporate innovation – our first book – “Continuous Disruptive Innovation” distills our process and experience into a brutally simple, step by step guide on how to have an innovation hit the easy way…

Followers of 80s pop sub-culture will recognise the homage in the book’s purpose, copy and cover…If you would be interested in being a beta tester and commenting on the first draft please fill in the contact form below


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