Everybody talks about

digital transformation*

this is the first thing I’ve seen

that actually shows we’re doing it…

*True business transformation is not a destination, but a way of being. Low opportunity costs of experimentation allow “webscale” businesses to relentlessly bring forward new products and services. This behaviour. This continuous drive to disrupt oneself is digital “transformation”. We call this capability Continuous Disruptive Innovation.


Why can’t your business be like Google, Amazon or Facebook?

You have incubators. You have accelerators. You spend millions on innovation and yet so little gets done….

The blocker isn’t the right technology, a fashionable guru or a better process. The blocker is in your minds. It is people’s brain chemistry we need to disrupt….

Most of your colleagues have never internalised the way Google, Amazon or Facebook work and understandably can’t accept this new approach until they’ve seen it working.

We show it to you working.

From the very first hour we land in your business we work as these “webscale” businesses work. This shift into demonstrable, successful action unlocks the blockers in your own, and other people’s minds.

As a leader in Enterprise Innovation, we change the day to day fabric of your organisations, not through workshops, labs or incubators, but simply by being the change we want to see.


Our 2017 Program

We are delighted Dell / EMC are supporting System Two by making 10 initial sprints of work available at a substantial discount to eligible businesses.

If you are a leader in your organisation and the budget holder. If you are frustrated by the pace of change and delivery in your organisation and want to see real transformation in your business.

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